Vasatokka has a lakeside sauna and a sauna lounge with a fireplace. Sauna has separate sections for men and women.  Swimming is possible in Lake Muddusj√§rvi year-round.

Meeting rooms

A classroom/meeting room Lapin Tupa for 60 persons. Equipped with a fireplace, data projector, TV/video and wlan.

Gameroom Kettuklubi is located in the main building. Kettuklubi has variety of games available, for example pool and table tennis. Free of charge for guests.


Vasatokka has 3 different fireplaces: Rantalaavu (lean-to), Niesta (a hut) and Kettulampi (lean-to).  Rantalaavu and Niesta are located close to the main building.  To Kettulampi is about 1km walk from Vasatokka. Kettulampi is accessible by a wheelchair.