Youth & Holiday Centre Vasatokka

The Youth Centre Vasatokka is located in the village of Riutula in the municipality of Inari. The environment is characterized by arctic nature and three Lappish cultures: Inari Sami, North Sami and Skolt Sami. Also the nearness of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and Russia are emphasized. Vasatokka is located in amidst incredible lake scenery on the shores of Lake Muddusjärvi, near the wilderness area of Muotkatunturi and of the recreation area of Inari. Also, the great Lake Inari and the fishy River Juutuajoki offer activities.

A network of ten national Youth Centres has been established in Finland by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Building the Youth Centres and organizing their activities are subsidized by the State for the benefit of young people through reduced prizes and high-quality services. The centres have been founded during the last two decades.

The main purpose of these national Youth Centres is to support the work of teachers and trainers and to be of service to national and international youth activities. The centres offer a safe operational environment to children, young people, youth organisations and youth groups. With their locations extending all over the nation and with their expertise and versatile services the Youth Centres can offer their support to the guests not only on ordinary days but also in situations which attest societal change.

Camp schools, international survival camps for young people, group work days for schools, nature camps and small meetings and parties are arranged at the Youth Centre Vasatokka.

By the way, do you know what Vasatokka means? Vasatokka is an ancient Sámi named constellation in the sky, also known in English as Seven Sisters, in Japanese as Subaru and in Finnish as Seulaset.