Other Facilities


Vasatokka has a lakeside sauna and a sauna lounge with a fireplace. Sauna has separate sections for men and women. Reservations for the sauna at reception, at least one hour earlier. Prices for sauna starting from 6€ / person /1hour / 1sauna. Swimming is possible in Lake Muddusjärvi at summertime and in wintertime we have ice swimming availability. 20191104_140701.jpg



Restaurant is located in the main building of Vasatokka. The restaurant has seats for 120 guests. Meals are served only for groups (min 15 persons) and by request. Separate dishes available for the persons with special diets. Kitchen personnel prepare also packed lunches for excursions and hiking trips.

Meeting rooms

A classroom/meeting room Lapin Tupa for 60 persons. Equipped with data projector and wlan.

Gameroom is located in the main building. The gameroom has variety of games available, for example pool and table tennis. It is free of charge for guests, open at reception opening times.


Vasatokka has 3 different fireplaces: Rantalaavu (lean-to), Niesta (a hut) and Kettulampi (lean-to).  Rantalaavu and Niesta are located close to the main building.  To Kettulampi is about 500 meters walk from Vasatokka. Kettulampi is accessible by a wheelchair.