Erasmus+ Youth in Action

The activities are open to young people aged between 13 and 30, youth workers, and staff and members of youth organizations. 

International Youth Exchange 

International Youth Exchanges are open to young people aged 13 to 30, who have a common interest which they want to learn about and build the Exchange program around the topic. Young people plan the Exchange program with partner group/groups from partner county/countries, with the support of adults. The exchange can be 5-21 days long and is carried out in the home country of at least one of the groups. YE funding comes from the Erasmus + program and can be applied a couple of times per year. The funding covers e.g. accommodation, meals, program, and travel compensation up to a certain amount for participants during the Youth Exchange. 

We have hosted 3 youth exchanges in Vasatokka: 

  • 2018 Team sports – skills for the Future, which gathered together young people from Finland and partner countries Armenia, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. 
  • 2018 “Kukista Kaamos” -Tools for your wellbeing, which gathered together young people from Finland and partner countries from Poland, Russia and Romania. 
  • 2021 Silence Around Us, which gathered together young people from Finland and partner countries Poland and Northern Macedonia. 

Youth Worker Mobilities (2019-2022)

Mobility projects for Youth Workers can be participated by people who are active with young people, employees, or volunteers in e.g. organizations, congregations, or municipal youth work. There is no age limit for participation. 

The project can take the form of e.g. international seminar, training, a study visit, a practical learning period in another organization, or a partner search event for an international project. The benefits of participation include updating one’s own skills and gaining new perspectives on the job, new networks, and maintaining language skills. 

  • Inclusion via Nature 2022
  • Bridges for solidarity 2019 

Strategic partnership KA2 projects (2020-2022)

Strategic partnership projects are for developing, transferring, and implementing innovative practices at organizational, local, regional, national, or European levels. 

Vasatokka is involved as a partner in a strategic partnership project which is targeted at families with disabled children or adults. The Feeling Of Beauty project 2020-2022 is coordinated by Poland and the third partner in Spain.

Project homepage:

Erasmus + sport (ended 2021)

Vasatokka has been a partner in Erasmus+ Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership project, named SPORTin – Sport for social inclusion. The project was coordinated by Lithuania and the other partner countries are Turkey, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, and Finland. The project ended in 2021. See more at project webpage and Facebook page: