Experience authentic Lapland in Vasatokka

Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka is a hostel-rated resort located in the heart of Northern Lapland’s amazing countryside and ancient Sámi culture. Wilderness areas, rivers and crystal clear waters topped off with the local easy-going lifestyle will leave its mark on you for a lifetime.

Vasatokka provides accommodation options from hostel rated low budget rooms to nice and cozy holiday cabins. All our facilities located right on the shore.

Location and transportation

  • Vasatokka is located in Inari municipality.
  • Nearest airport: Ivalo (IVL), distance 60km (kilometer).
  • Nearest shops, supermarkets, grocery stores: Inari village, distance 10km.
  • Nearest restaurants: Inari village, a distance of 10km
  • Public transportation: No public transportation. Taxi services are available at Inari.

Frequently asked questions

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