International youth work

International Youth Work

Vasatokka offers opportunities for gaining international experiences for young people and employees working with young people. We want to support the independence of young people, intercultural learning, the promotion of tolerance, and the development of language skills, as well as create equal opportunities through international actions. 

We act as a coordinating, sending, and hosting organization. We carry out international youth work projects, through which we receive young people from all over the world for different lenght periods. Finnish young people also have the opportunity to participate in international activities in Vasatokka locally, for example participating in Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges. Finnish youngsters also have the opportunity to be sent by us to the world for short- or long-term periods. As a coordinator, we apply for funding for projects planned with international partners. 

We provide help, support, and advice so that everyone has a suitable way to gain international experience. We are also happy to help youth groups implement their ideas, support them in applying for a project, finding partner groups, and making practical arrangements. 

If you are interested in internationality, please feel free to contact: 

Leader of International Youth Work 

Johanna Kilponen 

+358 401875541 

Erasmus+ Youth in Action 

For young people aged between 13 and 30, youth workers, and staff and members of youth organizations.

European Solidarity Corps ESC 

European Solidarity Corps projects are volunteering opportunities for individuals and groups of young people aged 18-30. Projects are open to young people who want to work for a common good and what they consider important and want to promote solidarity. The acts respond to a recognized need and benefit the local community. 

ESC funding covers participating travel reimbursement (up to a certain amount), accommodation, meals, insurance, daily pocket money, and linguistic support. It is possible to get funding also for exceptional costs to enable and support the participation of all types of young people. 

ESC project forms 

  • 2-12 months of volunteering service abroad or in country of residence, and in certain cases also shorter volunteering periods 
  • 3-12 months paid work or 2-6 months internship abroad or at home 
  • 2-12 month solidarity project implemented by at least 5 young people in their country of residence