Youth centres in Finland

Finnish Youth Centres are supervised and subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The development of youth work in the Youth Centre Network is carried out by following the current Youth Act and The National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme.

The Youth Centre Network

The Youth Centre Vasatokka is located in the village of Riutula in the municipality of Inari. The environment is characterized by arctic nature and three Lappish cultures: Inari Sami, North Sami and Skolt Sami. Also the nearness of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and Russia are emphasized. Vasatokka is located in amidst incredible lake scenery on the shores of Lake Muddusjärvi, near the wilderness area of Muotkatunturi and of the recreation area of Inari. Also, the great Lake Inari and the River Juutuajoki teeming in fish offer multiple activities for Vasatokka visitors.

Youth Centres in Finland

The Youth Centre Network offers a safe and responsible environment for various camps, courses, training sessions and other events throughout the year. We are Finland’s most popular school camp organiser, with an emphasis on experiential education. In addition, the centres’ Nuotta coaching supports young people’s social and life management skills. We also organise themed camps, nature schools and many other international youth events.

Facilities designed for youth work

The Youth Centre Network’s facilities are designed for youth work, offering great opportunities for outdoor activities in natural surroundings. The premises are close to nature, with full board and comfortable accommodation.

The main purpose of these national Youth Centres is to support the work of teachers and trainers and to be of service to national and international youth activities. With their locations extending all over the nation and with their expertise and versatile services the Youth Centres can offer their support to the guests not only on ordinary days but also in situations which attest societal change.

Camp schools, international survival camps for young people, group work days for schools, nature camps and small meetings and parties are arranged at the Youth Centre Vasatokka.

Proud to promote a good life

The principles laid down in the current Youth Act direct Youth Centre activities on a daily basis. The operational premise is founded in community, solidarity, equality, a healthy lifestyle, multiculturalism and internationalism and a respect for environment and life. Youth Centres join the Finnish Preventiimi group in nationwide efforts to prevent youth substance abuse prevention.Youth Centres ensure that their activities support sustainable development in many ways: by choosing organic and local produce, environmentally-friendly subcontractors, and long-lasting, recyclable materials. All refuse is sorted and recycled and energy consumption is monitored closely. Natural gas and other more environmentally-friendly forms of energy are utilized whenever possible.

By the way, do you know what Vasatokka means? ”Vasa” means baby reindeer and ”tokka” means big group of reindeers.