GrouPeers 2021

GrouPeers Inari 

European Solidarity Corps funded GrouPeers volunteering team brought together ten young volunteers for four weeks to live in Youth Center Vasatokka and to do volunteer work with local children and youngsters. The international team included volunteers from Italy, Portugal, Romania, Georgia, and Poland. The volunteers planned and implemented activities for local children and youngsters in October -21 in Inari youth house Vintti, Vasatokka, and Inari and Sevettijärvi schools. October included autumn break activities in Vasatokka, youth house Vintti and Inari village, a day camp for pre-school class, as well as team-building activities at Vintti and schools. The aim of the activities was to support the well-being, friendship skills, and teamwork skills of children and youngsters, to build team spirit among them, and prevent school bullying. In addition to volunteering, the volunteers had time to get to know Northern Lapland (and Northern Norway: D), local cultures, and activities. 

Watch a video made by volunteers to introduce the team to and project: