Activities for groups

Vasatokka offers wide variety of activities for groups. Ask for an offer from Vasatokka personnel.


Winter activities for groups

Survival Course

Survival course starts with a short theory indoors. In the theory part you will hear about Finnish weather conditions, snow, frost etc. You will get good tips how to dress up correctly and warmly. We will also go through firemaking, first aid, finding ones of bearings and moving in the arctic conditions etc.

After the short theory part the group will be divided into two. The first group will start the survival day with a gps- adventure trail by snowshoes. The finish of the adventure trail is at pond Kettulampi.

While the first group is doing the gps-adventure trail, the second group will march straight to the Kettulampi. At Kettulampi the group will built guinzees. A quinzee is a shelter made by hollowing out a pile of settled snow. This is in contrast to an igloo, which is made from blocks of hard snow. The group will also do ice fishing and make a fire.

By this time, the gps-adventure group should have arrived at Kettulampi. We will have a lunch by an open fire. After the lunch the groups will switch places.

Cross-country skiing school

The best way to explore winter landscape is on cross-country skis. Glide through the silent forest and across a frozen lake.You will learn skiing techniques and how to climb up and ski down the slope. A short skiing trip is included to skiing school.

Cross-country skiing trip (short)

About 3-4 km long trail close to the Vasatokka. Skiing at your own pace and enjoying as well as exploring the beautiful nature.

Snowshoe trip

Snowshoe trip for beginners. First we will go through techniques and equipment, then we will do about 2 km trip to Lake Ahvenjärvi. We will have a break and snacks in Ahvenjärvi. It is possible to buy a packed lunch from Vasatokka.

Snow sculpting

You will first learn snow sculpting techniques and characteristic of snow indoors, and then you will do your own snow sculptures in the yard of Vasatokka.

Making a Quinzee

A quinzee is a shelter made by hollowing out a pile of settled snow. This is in contrast to an igloo, which is made from blocks of hard snow. You will first learn snow sculpting techniques and characteristic of snow indoors and then we make our own quinzees.

Ice fishing

A guided ice fishing trip to Kettulampi (about 1km from Vasatokka).

Summer activities for groups

Survival courses can also organize in the summertime, see more details from winter activities.

Canoeing practice

You will first learn the basics of canoeing, techniques, safety issues, and equipment on the shore. After the theory part, you will practice how to get in & out of a canoe correctly and safely. You will also practice paddling close to the shore of Vasatokka. Canoeing practice is recommended in combination with the canoeing trip.

Canoeing trip

Canoeing trip for beginners. Your guide will first introduce the gears, techniques, and safety issues. We will paddle about 7 km. Paddle at your own pace and explore the beautiful nature, flora, and fauna. We will have a break in the middle of the journey.

Hiking trip to Otsamotunturi fell

After 3, 5 km hike we will reach the top of the Otsamotunturi fell. From the top of the fell, you get a great view over Lake Inarijärvi, Juutuanjoki River, Lake Muddusjärvi, Muotkatunturi Fells and Joenkielinen Fell.  The guide will tell you about the characteristics of arctic nature. We will have a break at the top of the fell.
Option 2: A bit longer hike to Otsamotunturi fell. We will hike all the way from Vasatokka to top of the fell. A bus will pick us up from Rovajärvi cabin. 14km walk alltogether.
Option: 3: Overnight hiking trip to Otsamotunturi fell.

Trip to Pielpajärvi wilderness church

Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is a wonderful day trip place to visit. The church, built in 1760, is one of the oldest buildings in northern Lapland. The trail goes into a handsome old-growth forest, passing by forest lakes. In the end of the trail you will reach a natural meadow, on the edge of which there is the well-preserved Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church. Returning on the same trail makes a 10-km-long trip altogether.

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Cruises on Lake Inari

Experience the unique atmosphere of Lake Inari and views of Island Ukko, ancient Sámi sacrificial island! We will start from Inari and cruise to Island Ukko. From Island Ukko we will cruise by an old cemetery island. From the boat you can take photos and see some wooden crosses, that are still standing. We will return to Inari along the old post boat waterway.

River rafting

Shoot down the fast-running rapids on Juutua in a rubber dinghy. Starting place is the Hotel Inarin Kultahovi where you will get all the equipment necessary. Transfer by car to starting point for white water rafting. You also will check out the rapids of Jäniskoski during the trip. Transfer back to Hotel Kultahovi. (

Gold panning trip to Lemmenjoki

A guided trip to gold lands of Lemmenjoki. The area is famous for its history of gold-prospecting and the marvelous nature of the Lemmenjoki National Park.  We travel by riverboat along the Lemmenjoki river until we reach the gold claim where the action starts. You will learn the secrets of gold panning and if you a lucky you might find some gold nuggets! Beware of gold fever!  (more
It is possible to buy a packed lunch from Vasatokka.

Golden Glitter of Lemmenjoki

Spend a day as guest with Paltto sámi family
By riverboat we travel about 22 km deep into the nationalpark alonside the beautiful river Lemmenjoki to reach the historic gold sites. Its only 600 m walk from the river bank to the gold claim where our host will show us the secrets of gold panning and everybody can try his or her skills in gold mining. While sitting around the fire, you’ll have an opportunity to hear traditional sámi yoik and stories about reindeer herding. Finally when going back to Lemmenjoki, you will meet reindeers at old sámi surroundings.  (More information at www.

See the worldfamous feltartist at work

In Kaija Paltto’s Ateljee you will hear about the reindeer sámi life and history in Lemmenjoki. You will also hear how felt has been made for thousands of years from sheep wool into many purposeful items. A presentation will show how wool fibres turn to pictures in the hands of a felt maker, describing the surrounding nature. (More information at

Year-round activities

Tour of the Arctic Ocean

On a guided tour we explore the arctic nature of North Lapland and the Arctic Ocean. We also explore Inari Sami, North Sami, Skolt Sami and Kven cultures.  We observe birds and have a lunch on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Lappish Handicrafts

You have the opportunity to make your own Lappish souvenir.  You use materials such as reindeer leather and antlers.  You will also hear about traditional handicrafts.

Reindeer farm Airamo

A great opportunity to visit in a local farmhouse. The owners of the house will tell you about the daily routines, reindeer herding, traditional handicrafts and everyday life.  The owners of the house will tell you how the traditional reindeer skin shoes and dried and softened sedge are made. You will also have a chance to feed the reindeers.
Option: During the winter, it’s possible to visit the farm by skis or snowshoes and during summer by canoes.

Inari reindeer farm

Visit to Inari Reindeer farm. The owners will tell you about Sámi culture and reindeer herding. You will have a chance to try throwing a suopunki (lasso) and feed the reindeers. Hot drinks will be served in a cosy hut. You will also hear joiku songs.

Siida – Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

A guided tour to the Sámi museum and the Nature Centre. The exhibitions of Siida show the history and culture of the Sámi and nature in the northernmost Lapland. The high-quality permanent exhibitions are complemented by interesting changing exhibitions. (more information at