Activities for Individuals

VisitInariVasatokka offers individual guests various outdoor equipments for rent and information about possible activities and attractions. The activities can be divided into winter and summer activities.

Winter activities for individuals
  • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing
  • Sledging on a nearby arctic hill
  • Kicksledding
  • Sauna and arctic swimming
  • Ice fishing
  • Game room
  • Siida

With our cooperation partners we can organize:

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Summer activities for individuals

Clear lakes and rivers nearby

Trails departing from Vasatokka:

  • Route of the Fox 1 km
  • Riutula – Otsamo Trail, 10 km. This trail begins from the Youth Centre Vasatokka in Riutula, and continues via the lakes Saarijärvi and Konesjärvi to Otsamo. You can return on the same trail, which makes a 20-km-long trip altogether.

And from Inari village for example:

  • Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church Trail 5 km, begins 3 km from the Northern Lapland Nature Centre, from the parking area on Sarviniementie road. The trail goes into a handsome old-growth forest, passing by forest lakes. In the end of the trail you will reach a natural meadow, on the edge of which there is the well-preserved Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church. The church was built 1752-1760, and it was in use until the end of 1800s, until which time it was the central place of Inari area. Returning on the same trail makes a 10-km-long trip altogether.
  • Oi Juutua!Nature Trail, 7,5Km. Along this trail, you will find stories about people and events of Juutua, and about fishing. The trail starts by the bridge in the village of Inari, follows the southern bank of the river upstream to Haapaniemi, and then returns to the village.
  • Multiple other trails starting from Inari (

As the country with the most waters in the whole world, Finland offers diverse opportunities for catching various species of fish. It is easy to start fishing. Angling with a hook and line and ice-fishing are exempt from licences under public rights of access. In addition, lure fishing with one rod is free of charge for people aged under 18 or over 64. Other types of fishing always require fishing licences and people aged 18 to 64 must also pay the state fishing management fee. (more Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry)

Shoot the fast-running rapids on Juutua in a rubber dinghy. Starting place is the Hotel Inarin Kultahovi where you will get all the equipment necessary. Transfer by car to starting point for white water rafting. You also will check the rapids of Jäniskoski during the trip. Transfer back to Hotel Kultahovi. (

Gold Panning
Services by the River Lemmenjoki
Souvenirs also available

Cruises in Lake Inari
Experience unique atmosphere of Lake Inari and visit Island Ukko, ancient Sámi sacrificial island! We will start from Inari and cruise to Island Ukko. In island we can stop 15 – 30 min according to need. From Island Ukko we will cruise close to old cemetery island. From boat we can take photos and see some wooden crosses, which are still standing. We will return to Inari along the old post boat waterway. (

Places to visit:

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